Our photographers play the roll of storytellers, capturing subjects and helping let their truth and beauty tell a story. Our passion is for creating your story with a quality image from a unique moment. With technical proficiency, purposeful lighting schemes and precise artistic hand, we ensure all final images are professional print quality.

Our goal is to work with you to capture the images you need and to fit within your project plans and budget. While what you see below is what we are known for, every client and project is unique -please reach out to discuss the needs of your project.


A business portrait is one of your first points of contact with potential clients and customers. Whether it's a typical headshot or an on-the-job shot, we create portraits that portray the professionalism and personality of you and your business. The Argyle Agency has a full photography studio you can visit for your headshots or we can meet you where you want your image to be captured.  Knowing the importance of consistency, we will create a consistent and cohesive look for you and your team’s head shots. Our photographers can work with large groups to serve ongoing business photography needs, such as new employee hires, print and advertising head shots and company profiles.

branding/marketing photography

There are many ways we can help you stand out from the crowd. One way is to create images that are unique to you and your brand. Instead of buying stock photos for your creative needs, our photographers help enhance your message and brand by capturing images of you and your business in real life settings.  Whether it is a staged shot or captured in the moment, the Argyle Agency can make you stand out by getting the perfect shot.  

medical marketing photography

We strive to create bold, striking images of people and health care in action. From surgical settings and procedures to people and product photography, we can cover every aspect of your organization's capabilities with dynamic imagery.

With our experience shooting in the health care setting, we understand the importance of keeping things running smoothly and can accommodate the demands of a busy schedule.  We also understand the importance of HIPAA and patient privacy. 





Graphic design is much more than just an image, a logo, a design or the overall look of your project. It’s the ability to visually communicate, problem solve, and organize complex thoughts into transparent messages your audience understands and relates to. It’s about creating a persona for your information and giving it a voice, all while reinforcing a rich brand identity.



A logo reflects the message of your product or service in one visual - it is your business's calling card.  When designing logos for our clients, we first get to know your company and your message. We consider where it will appear and who will see it. Once a thorough understanding is reached, we will design various options to choose from. We understand the importance of how a logo can be the success of the brand; therefore, we will continue with the process until you are satisfied with the look and messaging. 


Although our world is becoming more of a digital world, we understand the unique power of print.  Print is still a powerful tool in marketing, especially when it goes hand-in-hand with your digital and social strategies. Through design, copywriting and print production management, we can create exceptional print communications that create deep and lasting connections with customers.